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Fn F2 not working on Easy Peasy 1.1 [Solved with EEE Control]

My 2-year old Eee PC 701 has finally found the OS that suits it. I will be using it mostly for internet purposes and watching some anime series. I installed Easy Peasy 1.1 since it’s what I got and I don’t think I have anymore problems encountered and needs to address so far. Upgrading the OS is now also very easy with the new Easy Peasy.

Eee Control for Netbooks

Eee Control for Netbooks

Out of the box, I initially had two problems with Easy Peasy. One is the Sound not working which is solved already with some very easy steps. And the other one is the Fn F2 not working.

With Easy Peasy’s default configuration, I noticed that my Wifi is always on. Pressing the Fn F2, which is supposed to do the job of turning it on or off didn’t work. I used to go to the Bios just to toggle the Wifi. And not only that, I also noticed that the Wifi LED is always on no matter if Wifi is off. Good thing there’s the Eee Control that successfully addressed them both.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. First, install python-smbus, which can be downloaded from Debian.
  2. Then in Administration > Synaptic, reload the repository.
  3. Search for the Eee Control and mark it for installation.
  4. Click Apply. This should install the Eee Control successfully.
  5. Go to Preferences > Session and create a new entry to start the Eee Control at start up with the following command:
    /etc/init.d/eee-control start
  6. Add another entry to start the Eee Control system tray using the following:
  7. Restart Easy Peasy and you should be done. Verify if it works. In my case, it certainly did.

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Sound Not Working on Easy Peasy 1.1 [Solved]

Easy Peasy is a Linux distro fully based on Ubuntu, designed specifically for netbooks. To the uninitiated, it is the formerly known as Ubuntu EEE. And while I now have my Asus 1000HE, I decided to install Easy Peasy 1.0 on my old EEE PC 701. But my initial attempt did not bring me luck on the sound part.

In the Easy Peasy Live USB, everything works normally from sound to wireless. But when I installed the OS to the SSD, sound seems to conflict with other processes. I was unable to fix it before so I moved back to using XP.

When the Easy Peasy 1.1 was released, I decided to give it another try and out of the box, sound still doesn’t work. But I was able to configure it and it now works perfectly.

Here’s the setting that works for me which probably work for you too.

In the Preference > Sound, I selected the following settings.

Recommended Sound Preference for Easy Peasy

Recommended Sound Preference for Easy Peasy

And on the Volume control, make sure that Playback is set to ASLA PCM and Master is not on mute.

Volume Control Setup

Volume Control Setup

I hope this article helps you too.

In the meantime, I need to find a solution to the wifi. Fn + F2 doesn’t seem to work… The LED is also on whether the wireless is active or not.

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No Sound, Easy Peasy Annoyance

Easy Peasy, Ubuntu for Netbooks

Easy Peasy, Ubuntu for Netbooks

Easy Peasy is an operating system based on Ubuntu, designed specially for netbooks. It has a wide range of support for netbooks devices and also pretty good support from the community. I have all my issues resolved before by following instructions from forums and wiki.

I’ve been a fan of Ubuntu Eee, the former Easy Peasy and have since used it as the primary OS on my EEE PC 701 until I was required to move to Windows XP. Since then, I can only use Ubuntu Eee LIVE installed on my SDHC. Eventhough, I regularly update my copy with the latest version. With the latest easy update support on Easy Peasy there’s no reason to not update right?

The LIVE install works perfectly fine for internet use and watching movies on my netbook. And now that I have another netbook which is now my primary ‘work-book’, I decided to install the Easy Peasy on my EEE PC 701. Everything was fine when I first installed it, but then after I rebooted, sound was gone.

I’ve tried modifying the sound configuration, I’ve used HDA Intel or ASLA but no good. Some also experience the same, others only experience this with Skype. There are a lot of solutions I’ve tried so far, but really can’t get it working again.

After 2 days work, I decided to revert back to Windows XP for the meantime until an update and easy fix for Easy Peasy is available.

I also heard this does not happen to everyone, so if you want to try the beautiful Easy Peasy, go ahead and download. Good luck!

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Easy Peasy for Netbooks is now available

Released January 5th, the Easy Peasy has officially started its journey. Download is available via geteasypeasy.com in direct download, bittorent will come very soon. The OS measures 800MB and can be installed as Live USB via UNetbootin.

I would envy you guys who have already tested this lovely netbook OS since I would never get a chance to download this yet. Work, work, work, and no stable connection at the moment. Well, I also congratulate you.

via liliputing

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Ubuntu Eee Rebranded, now called Easy Peasy

This has been out a ‘decade’ ago, but I guess I just have to discuss about it over again because it just owns my heart. Ubuntu Eee Easy Peasy, is the new name, after some conflict with the original ‘Ubuntu’ distro. Like what I’ve said before, Ubuntu has all the rights when it comes to trademark, and my man Jon Ramvi just whole-heartedly comply with the law. In fact, the new Easy Peasy still seem to have rival brand and he has acted on it before anything against the new name arise.

Logo making contest is on-going and the nominees were already identified. Pretty cool designs they have there. I envy those who have very good imagination when it comes to such themes like that. I wish I was blessed with that talent too.

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