Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Enjoying with some Problems.

While we all know it’s not officially out, you can already download and install the Ubuntu Netbook Remix on your little friend Eee PC. I was able to install it without any hassle, though with minor inconsistencies with the expected result. After all, my Eee PC is now closely similar to Ubuntu Mobile.
The Ubuntu Netbook Remix comes with several modules for UI and background manipulation. The UME Launcher is the main beauty of this tool though in my case, its beauty did not bloom perfectly. The icons that are supposed to be larger stayed small and I don’t know how to fix it yet. I have tried reinstalling the new theme but it did not fix the problem. Maybe I need to try once more?

ubuntu netbook remix

The maximus module on the other hand, functions perfectly from the first install. I assume it does not add automatically to auto-started applications since the instruction asks you to add it yourself. The purpose of this module is to make all opened and being opened windows in their maximized state. It’s even beyond that since it also removes the window borders and title bars for a tabbed feel. Those windows that do not have maximize properties kept their sizes such as the Screenshot tool, and other message dialog boxes.

The tabbed feel for every window does not automatically appear on the Eee PC. The responsible module for this is the window-picker-applet, which runs automatically with UME Launcher (I suppose), but you need to add it manually on the main panel.

The go-home-applet is another module included on the installation. The basic purpose of this small application is to provide a shortcut on your panel to easily access your desktop. There’s a BIG problem though when I tried to launch it on my Eee PC 701. It returns a serious error that I again do not know how to fix.
go-home applet error
The workaround I did is I just used the Show Desktop applet, which functions basically the same. I realized I should have not install the go-home anyway. If you don’t like the Show Desktop, follow your heart and just press Ctrl+Alt+D instead. Now, it makes it even easier.

Another module included on the installation is the new Human theme, specially designed for the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I personally can’t notice the big difference with the original human theme though. Maybe it’s the borderless window that I initially suspect being caused by maximus. I do not know exactly.

Despite these minor and major inconsistencies, I don’t think I would remove this uber cool tool on my Eee PC. Thanks to all who made this possible. I wish I could give more than just giving opinion and blah blah about every application that I freely avail and use.

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Posted by Aldrin Cantos    Date: Saturday, June 7, 2008

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Ubuntu Eee 8.04 Beta (Hardy Heron): My verdict.

After so much issues I encountered installing and configuring Ubuntu Eee on my Eee PC, I was finally able to make it work like complete OS. Compiz Fusion is also working but apparently, it crawls easily. I’m running it on my 630Mhz, 512MB Asus Eee PC.
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Posted by Aldrin Cantos    Date: Monday, April 21, 2008

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Installing compizconfig-settings-manager (ccsm) on Ubuntu Eee (Hardy Heron)

Ubuntu EEE comes along with compiz-fusion so you don’t have to post-install it. It is pre-configured to its default values, thus, desktop cube and other coolness factor of compiz don’t work initially. Now, you have to install, compizconfig-settings-manager (ccsm). ccsm is an application, very useful in configuring compiz-fusion. It comes with pre-installed plugins including Desktop Cube, Rotate Cube, etc. etc.

HowTo install compizconfig-settings-manager on Hardy Heron

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

After ccsm is successfully installed, you may now follow Forlong’s guide on how to setup compiz-fusion.

Note that it’s not vital to have the rotating cube and all eye candies, but it’s worth it. Cool to have it. Here’s mine.
ubuntu eee compiz fusion

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Posted by Aldrin Cantos    Date: Friday, April 18, 2008

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