How to fix: Multiple AWN instances on Start-up

Written by Aldrin Cantos on March 19, 2008 – 9:07 am -


I installed AWN after installing Compiz on asus eee. (AWN requires installing Beryl or Compiz or other compositing support)
It runs successfully, but everytime I start up eeexubuntu, multiple instances of AWN starts up. It has something to do with the saved session. That’s what I noticed.

My Solution

  1. Un-check or Remove Avant-Window-Navigator from Autostarted Applications
  2. Un-check the ‘Automatically start AWN on login’ from awn-manager
  3. Make sure only one AWN instance is running
  4. Close all other windows
  5. Shutdown or restart asus eee, check Save session for future logins

This solved my problem. Everytime I start up my ubuntu, only one AWN instance starts up. I hope this helps you too.


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Running AWN on Asus Eee PC

Written by Aldrin Cantos on February 24, 2008 – 5:04 pm -

AWN on Asus Eee PC
For 2 days, I was able to isntall, configure and run Avant Window Navigator (AWN) on my eee pc. I mean 2 tries.

And it’s so sweet seeing my eeeXubuntu installation on this state. Cool. So far, it’s the coolest thing I have done with my eee pc. Plus it runs smoothly with Compiz-Fusion. Cool, cool, cool.


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