This blog is for sale!

After months of 0 new posts, I realized that I really don’t have the time to write on this blog anymore. I hoped that my day job would give me some spare time, but it did not and until now, I’m crammed. So I decided to sell this blog and hopefully someone interested will continue and improve this blog. The auction is posted at Flogyr.

You may post your best bid at Flogyr or via Contact Us page.

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This blog was down!

Surely it has happened a lot of times already. Most of the times it’s all about hosting problems which I definitely has no control over with and no explanation everytime it got fixed. But this time it was about unfinished upgrade on one of the plugins I use. It was really my fault that I let Wordpress upgrade the plugin automatically and did not monitor the progress before I went to bed last night.

To that, my sincere apologies to everyone who visited this blog site while it’s down. Now that it’s up again, please enjoy reading my posts, though I can’t deny they sometimes sucks. But all I’m sure of is that I always try my best to make them worth reading.

Again, my sincere apologies!

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Monthly Contest Update

We mentioned before that I will not be posting the winners anymore, but will post monthly contest on this blog. Now, we are reversing it.

Instead of posting what to win for the month, we will just announce the winner/s. That being said, only the email subscribers will have chances of winning.

So do not withdraw your subscriptions yet.

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Silicon Keyboard Winner, announced

Another lucky winner has been picked.

Congratulations to Ade!

Read his wonderful comment/entry. “Subscribed! I want that!:D

Yes, that’s it! And that’s how easy to win prizes here. Is it not?

Winners on all contests on this blog are being raffled via MS Excel RANDBETWEEN() function. Winners are informed via postings and email. Winners may claim their prizes by replying to the email notification including their shipping addresses.

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54 MBPS Wireless USB Adapter contest winner announcement delayed

I apologize for not making this on time. I had no access to any electronic devices and mobile signal last weekend. I am doing the raffle on tomorrow and will announce the winner immediately.

Another raffle coming up.

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Bandwidth Exceeded Limit

My Readers,

This site is currently suffering from lack of extra bandwidth, and this post could be my last post for this month. It hurts a bit to see this blog go down for a day, and this hurts me more.

I hope you guys understand the situation. I hope you still come back and check the site from time to time. I will do all the possibilities to resolve the issue ASAP.


Aldrin Cantos

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