AMD to Launch CPU for Netbooks

Written by Aldrin Cantos on October 11, 2008 – 9:13 pm -

amd netbooks cpu

AMD has been playing in the field of fast CPU’s for desktops and laptops eversince, competing head to head with other CPU makers like Intel and Via. And if you’ve been wondering if AMD is going to jump into Atom bandwagon, it seems likely so, as they have announced they’re making netbook CPU’s and will be launching the latter later this quarter or first quarter next year.

Raon’s Everun has been successful with their netbook which is quitely a monster netbook as it’s faster compared to other netbooks, with its AMD Turion Dual Core, but it’s also hungry on power. Even hungrier if it does not have tha ability to automatically change clock speed depending on power supply.

AMD has been a better option for PC Buyers in the past years, as it is cheaper yet as powerful as Intel. Now that there’s going to be CPU for netbooks from AMD, we’re looking for cheaper netbooks coming their way as well. And as netbook sales spears high today, we are optimistic to see the sales spears much higher when AMD comes to play.


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