MSI U120 3.5G in November

Written by Aldrin Cantos on October 21, 2008 – 10:37 am -

msi wind u120

MSI will be launching their MSI Wind U120, somehow a twin brother of U100 since they have almost same specs under the hood, except that U120 is going to have 3.5G technology (as i calls it). In November, there’s gonna be another on the GO PC like the Asus Eee PC 901 Go. With 3.5G, all you’re gonna need is an unlimited data plan, a monstrous battery backup, and a lot of finger hand and eye exercise and you’ll be happy.

This all we learn from Digitimes. Oh, it’s priced at $552. In the coming months, let’s expect rebates and discounts, shall we?


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Eee PC 3.5G with Nokia 6120

Written by A. Cantos on May 18, 2008 – 1:00 am -

It’s quite funny since I’ve been looking for 3.5G modem like the T500 while my Nokia 6120 can do quite the same if there’s strong mobile signal. I don’t usually check my phone when I have stable connection so I just noticed that small 3.5G written just below the signal bar just now. For normal internet use the average speed of 300 kbps is not bad, is it? I don’t use much my Eee PC for downloading large files. So that speed, for me, is very satisfying.

  • Youtube videos loads faster than my brother’s broadband connection at home.
  • Gmail, which I believe has quite too heavy scripts to execute, loads at acceptabley fast as well.
  • All your blogs loads fast.
  • There’s nothing more I could ask for.

I observed the little icon for few minutes and it just barely change to 3G and then go back to 3.5G again in about 2 seconds. This speed may vary depending on the carrier/provider, I use Smart, but the location is the major factor for this. I never get stable connection with this phone when I’m at home.

Some speed tests after the jump.

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How To Install T500 on Asus Eee PC

Written by A. Cantos on May 17, 2008 – 6:46 am -

While the release of the Eee PC 901 Atom-powered processor has been announced officially (DigiTimes), it’s not the same with 3.5G version. A question during the Press Launch in Manila was raised by Yuga if they are going to release 3.5G version in the future and the answer was clearly NO. But the good thing is, Ethan Hung (Asus Exec) confirmed that 3.5G is already available, though not integrated internally with the coming versions.

Now, if you happen to have the T500 3.5G card for the Eee PC already, here’s how to install it.

Installing in Linux (Xandros)

  1. Download the .deb package from Asus Support (look under Utilities)
  2. Copy .deb file to home directory (tip: use XandrosFileManager)
  3. Open terminal and navigate to /home/user>
  4. Install the .deb by typing “sudo dpkg –i asus-t500-3gmpt-1.0-9_all.deb” without the quotes and press return key.
    Note: actual filename might vary depending on the downloaded version.
  5. Connect the T500 Card with your SIM Card via USB cable. Wait for a while for Xandros to detect the device. (might ask for PIN)
  6. Configure APN (depends on Provider)
  7. Hit the Connect button and enjoy!

Installing T500 3.5G Card on Windows OSes should be much easier. Just download the right drivers and you should be fine.


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