BenQ targets larger market share in 2009

If you’re a netbook manufacturer, what feature would you add to your netbook to make it stand out among the rest that will make customers change their mind and go for your product?

Apparently, BenQ, a little late on the netbook category, wants their BenQ Joybook Lite to get a large global market share in 2009. They might have set the goals and identified the approach on how to meet it and in terms of the figures stated on their paper (read Digitimes), it’s pretty achievable. But…

Asus and Acer are currently the leading brands when it comes to netbooks and I’m pretty sure HP and MSI are way ahead of BenQ currently. If you look under the hood of each netbook, you’ll pretty much see same specs across. They might differ on screen sizes, HDD, and battery life, but in today’s competition, its still the brand that is mostly considered. Probably the product support and customer service plays a big part, though I don’t have concrete evidence on this.

Given what I’ve said, BenQ still has a lot of things to cover to achieve their target numbers in 2009. Adding extra durable substance on their Joybook Lite to withstand stress could be one big factor for customers who are not careful enough on their netbooks, but there’s still more they can do. Cheaper prices will surely attract buyers added with good warranty coverage and nice product support and customer service. They can also work on longer battery life which most of the netbook manufacturer couldn’t provide. They can also put the nicest keyboad on their Joybook, one that is spacious enough, with perfect key positioning and perfectly functional controls. Remember, keyboard is the most used component when interacting with computers and comfortability is a plus for users. The form-factor can also be considered, just to be a bit recognizable and different from the rest, that might just expand market interest.

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