Asus 1025CE and 1025C EEE PC – new generation Asus netbooks

The 1025CE and 1025C are two future netbooks that will launch in late 2011 and which will signal the changing of the guard in terms of design for Eee PCs.

If you know your Eee PC history, you know that most 10 inch netbooks from the series were built using the Seashell design. The back of the netbook (hosting the battery) was a little bulkier, with the thickness decreasing towards the palm rest.

This was (and is) the official design running around for the last two years, since Asus entered massively in the netbook market; the design was good enough for holding a larger battery and required lots of space for accommodating all of the internals. But with processors getting smaller and smaller and SSDs taking over hard disk drives, a new type of design takes over the minds of Asus designers. The two future netbooks will have a plastic finish which is said to imitate the feel and consistency of aluminum.

The build is inspired by the U design that can be found on other Asus mini laptops. That means you get slightly sharper edges and a more thin design for the body, with significantly smaller fans.

The two computers will come in different color versions, namely 3 for the 1025CE and 7 for the 1025C (expect the usual-red, white, black, blue and probably pink and a couple of other colors). But maybe the most important changes will take place on the inside. Pine Trail processors (Atom Nxxx) will be replaced bu Cedar Trail chips (Nxxx), which require way less energy to run, as well as having a better graphics engine than the previous version.

The 1025C/CE will have the same finish on the lid and the palm rest

The 1025C/CE will have the same finish on the lid and the palm rest

The 1025C will run on Windows 7 Starter and has a base price of $249, while the more expensive 1025CE, starting at $279, will have a secondary OS (Asus Express Gate), a USB 3.0 port, WiFi N and Bluetooth 3.0 (the later two being available on the 1025C as well). Battery life is of course a highlight, as the 6 cell version will be capable of going for about 14 hours on a single charge; of course, the base model will run on a 3 cell juice maker.

This is the first batch of info we’ve got about these two groundbreaking (at least in terms of design) netbooks and there’s a chance we’ll find out more during Computex.

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