$999 Might not be right for Sony Vaio W

Sony Vaio W
When we posted about the new netbook from Sony yesterday, we were a bit hesitant to include the start price of $499 dollars we learned from Yugatech, because it’s a bit high for the specs. And now we’re seeing that the start price could even get up to $999 according to Gizmodo. Wait a minute, what’s this?

The Sony Vaio W netbook packs Intel Atom N280, 160GB Hard Disk and 1GB RAM for the basic components and a 10.1 inches display with higher resolution of 1366 x 768. It also comes with stylish colors, but I think the specs is not enough to cost that amount. As we also understand, the netbook will only last up to 2 hrs per charge at standard power.

Then we hope this information wasn’t exactly right.

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