8.9 inch SSD Netbooks Price Drops

As part of inventory sales, netbook makers are dropping the prices for their 8.9 netbooks and apparently for smaller sizes ssd-based. Looks like HDD is getting more practical on netbooks since it has larger storage capacity in lesser costs. SSD as we all know has lesser capacity but the prices are very high considering the estate. Now the only advantage we could see for SSD is the ability to r/w faster than HDD (not all times), and avoid breaking itself with major shocks.

In Taiwan, Acer has dropped their price for the 8GB 8.9 inch Aspire One to NT$6999 ($202 USD), while AsusTek puts a tag price of as low as NT$6500 ($187 USD) for their 7″ netbooks and NT$8999 ($260 USD) on 20GB 8.9″ netbooks.

via Digitimes

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