1000HE ASUS EEE PC, Fixing Windows 7 Errors

Windows 7

I recently availed a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, and in case you don’t know, I own an Asus 1000HE. Now the thing is, earlier netbooks came with Windows XP, and direct upgrade to Windows 7 is not available. To take the new operating system to my netbook, I had to follow some special instructions, but in the end I still got errors with drivers. I realized I followed a wrong instruction.

If you are like me, upgrading 1000HE OS to Windows 7, I suggest you consider the following very strictly:

  • Before you upgrade, as a precaution, backup your drive.
  • Before you upgrade, update your BIOS to the latest version using the Asus Update that is pre-installed. You may download the latest BIOS update from Asus Support.
  • After you have updated your BIOS, you can install Windows 7. Everything should go well when you install drivers.

Now, if you already installed Windows 7 but have not updated the BIOS, you may experience different issues regarding Asus Drivers for Windows 7. This is exactly what I experienced. But don’t worry because I have some tips that might help you.

If you have installed Windows 7 without updating the BIOS first, you may still update it using the Asus Update software. Based on my experience though, it’s quite a puzzle. It’s like, before I can install Asus Update, I have to install another utility that requires BIOS update. And BIOS update can only easily be done with Asus Update utility.

Here’s what I did as a workaround.

  • I installed the old ACPI drivers for XP on Windows 7, and then installed Asus Update utility. This sounds crazy but it worked for me.
  • After that, I updated my BIOS to the latest version. This requires restart.
  • After it’s up again, I uninstalled all drivers I have installed already.
  • Then installed the following in sequence: Chipset, SATA AHCI, VGA, Hotkey, KB Filter, LAN and Wireless, Super Hybrid Engine, Asus Update, Instant Key. On my experience, it has to go that way.

After that, the issues were fixed. Hotkeys worked perfectly and my netbook didn’t show up any error message regarding ACPI anymore when booted.

I hope this helps and if it’s quite unclear, please let me know specific questions and I will try to answer.

Merry Christmas!

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